Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hannah, forgive and forget. Past is past. Weyh mangg!! Cane nak lupakan? My heart ached a lot bila minah tu update status psal dia putus cinta ngan fifi! Like everyday tau tak!! Cane nak lupakan kalau mcm ni? Hishhh dah dah wat lek wat peace. Hehehe. Hmmm. Fifi ade scandal lagi siap dia! Ni last chance aku bagi. Dia buat lagi mmg aq dump dia! Im patient because I still care for him. Okay? Don't tear my heart again. The wound is very hard to heal. The scars remain forever. Ahhh I just don't care! Why would I care about him? I hate him! Yeaahhh! That's better. Dun put high hopes hannah. U just don't.

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