Sunday, March 17, 2013


Helo helo dan helo. Dah lama tak merepek kat blog. Wtv. Hehe kalau zubed tak ckp psal blog aq mmg smpai bila2 aq tak bukak blog ni. Trimas trimas. Hahaha. Dah la diam! Asyik gelak je keje. Mcm org sawan. Hahahaha. Wtv.

Firstly, aku dah setahun ngan fifi! Wooohooo! Yeah! Happy la sangat kan? Emmmmm mesti la happy. Tapiiiii.. persoalannya, betul ke? Everything that he confessed, every single thing that he said to me. Was it for real? What am I talking about? Is it true that he likes me? Or he likes that girl? Dia berpura-pura suka aku ke? Ke? Diorng pon macam baru-baru je. Hmmmm nape ek dia buat macam ni? Dia tipu aku selama ni? Kenapa.. takkan la sebab aku tak layan dia.. tapi dia kate.. you know what? I don't understand boys until now!! They are sooo complicated! Weyh dah la dia suruh lupakan pasal ni kaaan? But, its hard for me to forget about that truth. The thing that I afraid the most. The incident that I've thought it would happen. It just happened!! Aku mmg nujum pak belalang. Tu lah kau bodoh sgt kan? Wtv laaa!! Susah tau tak!! Maybe he's just playing wif my feelings. I can never trust boys even they hv the sweetest face like minho. Lols. Tapi, setiap kali dia dekat ngan aku, the problems and doubts just went off and I feel happy. Ahhhhh I never knew I can love him this muchhh!! He was my number one annoying enemy and now he is my boyfriend and this is INSANE!! I wish this was a dream....nooo its for real -,- help meeee!!

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